7 grooming products for travel guys


7 grooming products for travel guys

The biggest problem of the travel guys is lack of space in their bags. So, you should immolate something. And in many cases this sacrifice is grooming products. But, guys, you shouldn’t look like rough sleepers. There are a lot of nameless products in small batches. Soho barber shop has prepared a list of them.

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Product #1. Lush kalamazoo beard & facial wash

Lush kalamazoo beard & facial wash is a natural alternative to drugstore cleansers. It’s perfect for sensitive skin. Also it works both for face and beard, that’s why if you are a lonely hitchhiker, who has no place and time for shaving, it seems, this product is created special for you.

This is 2-in-1 product, which contains a pineapple juice and white almond oil, jojoba oil, which keep your beard soft.

It costs approximately 12$ and can be a perfect part of your morning routine.

Product #2. Ursa major willoughby cologne
Ursa major willoughby cologne will be useful not only if you are a traveler, but also, for example, if you go to the gym. This small batch contains 14 natural, pure essential oils with different fragnances.
Refresh your scent for only 40$ very fast.

Product #3. Juniper ridge trail crew soap

This little batch of soap has a pleasant smell of honey, wood, and citrus. This smell of the vacations will be perfect even if you just are nostalgic about your holidays.

It costs approximately 30$.

Product #4. Fieldworks supply another close shave gel

Only for about 11$ you will get 3-in-1 shave gel, which contains aloe and shea butter for hydrating your skin, olive, sunflower and coconut oils for cleansing and witch hazel for closing pores. It prevents irritations and rush, and can be a perfect companion for a traveler.

Product #5. Murray’s small batch 50-50 pomade

This classic product in a small batch will add shine and flexibility to your unruly hair. But be careful, this hair product is heavy, and you should know, how to use it right.

It costs approximately 6$.

Product #6. Brickell men’s mint soap scrub bar
It is a perfect scrub bar, which contains peppermint leaves for scrubing rough skin and coconut and palm oils for hydrating your skin.

It costs for about 12 $ and has a great effect.

Product #7. Wholly hemp orange lip balm

It is a very silly statement: man shouldn’t use a lip balm. Use it for moisturizing, skin healing and perfect kisses.

It costs approximately 3$.

Soho barber shop cares about our clients, and we hope this list will be useful for you. Have a good trip!