7 must-haves for your beard


7 must-haves for your beard

There are two types of beards: tidy, well-groomed bears, and chaos beards. If you want to have the first one check this list of the must-have products for your beard care from the best barber shop in the New York City.

There are 7 right tools, which will help you in your grooming routine.

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Product #1. Proraso shaving soap

If you have shaved at least one time in your life, you know the advantages of the shaving soap.  Proraso shaving soap is one of the best if your shaving fight is against the beard.

Despite the fact, that you are hairy man, there are some areas, which should be hair-free. There are, for example, your cheeks and your neck below your Adam’s apple. In this case Proraso shaving soap for sensitive skin is exactly what you need.

It will cost approximately 10 $.

Product #2. The art of shaving black fine shaving brush

This brush from the well-known “The art of shaving” company will last very long if you keep it right. It will cost for about 120 $, but it will be one very good investment for a long time. This brush with fine bristles will make your shaving process much smoother.

Product #3. Billy jealousy beard control

This product is a mix of a styling cream and a conditioner. It will hold your beard and prevent brittle and dry feeling.

It will cost approximately 20 $.

Product #4. Mr Natty face forest soap beard shampoo

It’s a perfect product for a beard, because it contains special tackles both for your facial hair and skin.

It will cost approximately 25 $.

Product #5. Jack Black beard lube conditioning shave

If you don’t like foam, Jack Black beard lube conditioning shave is for you. It is one of the coolest 3-in-1 products, which contains pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin treatment. This product feels like moisturizer and costs for about 17 $.

Product #6. Gillette fusion proglide manual razor with flexball technology

Even if you have a beard, you need to have a razor. In this case the best option is Gillette fusion proglide manual razor with flexball technology, which provides close shave.
It will cost approximately 9 $.

Product #7. Port products conditioning beard absolute

This all-natural beard oil with the bergamot and sandalwood will keep your skin moisturized enough.

It will cost approximately 16 $.
The best barber shop in the New York City hopes, your beard will be tidy and well-groomed. If you have any questions, you can come to our Barbershop and our barbers answer them with pleasure.