Top-6 hair products for men


Top-6 hair products for men

Men always try something new, what appeared on the market. In most cases they are disappointed, but there are exceptions.

With time you will have dozens of different lotions and potions on the shelf at your bathroom. There also will be certain hair products you can’t live without. Some of them will be classical and tested with time, and some will be ground breaking releases, you have opened for yourself.

The best Barber Shop in the New York City has prepared for you a list of top-5 men’s hair products, so you will have no need to search.

Product #1. American Crew 3-in-1

The most part of 3-in-1 hair products are usually considered as waste of time and money, but there is an exception. American Crew’s 3-In-1 (shampoo, conditioner and body wash) actually leaves your hair and body feeling clean and moisturised. For sure, it’s a perfect option for your gym bag.

Product #2. Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Shape Paste

This hair paste delivers long-lasting style and definition for different hair types.

It offers a strong hold both for short to mid length hair. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it doesn’t feel dry, after its applying hair absorbs the moisture, and it doesn’t look greasy and tacky.

This paste is a perfect option for smooth and structured hairstyles.

Product #3. Fudge Skyscraper

If you think that any hair spray is good, you are wrong. The hairspray can make or break your finished look, so you should choose it very responsibly.

Fudge Skyscraper offers super hold without the shiny and gloss effect. It’s not expensive and very good, so you choose.

Product #4. L’Oreal Super Dust

Hair powder creates support for the style. This Super Dust offers an extremely strong hold that lasts the whole day. It also absorbs natural hair oils, so your hair will become greasy not so quickly.

Product #5. Aveda Control Paste

This product is created for those of you, who want shine and hold. This control paste offers a perfect texture for most hair types. It looks best on short to medium length hair styles.

It controls wavy and unmanageable hair, so if your hair is like this, Aveda Control Paste is a great choice for you.

Product #6. Revita Shampoo & Conditioner For Hair Loss

Revita offers very good shampoo and conditioner for hair loss. You will see results after three months of using: your hair will become thicker and stronger.


We hope we will make your life a little bit easier. Come to the best Barber Shop in the New York City, we are always glad to see you