Best tips for close shaving

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Best tips for close shaving

You can think shaving is an annoying every morning routine. Barbers from our Barber Shop has another point of view – they think shaving is an art, and in some sense they are right.

But there are some tips, which can improve your art of shaving and our specialists are ready to share them with you in this article. Do you want to enjoy your every day morning ritual? Check the following tips.

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Tip #1. Say no to dull blades

It’s a very common problem: to use a dull blade and to say you can’t get a close shaving. Many men think their blades become dull only after certain number of usage. Unfortunately, it is wrong. Such kind of thoughts can lead to bad shaving experiences, which include cuts, nicks and rush.

You should understand whether it straight or safety razor you can use it only once for close shaving than it becomes too dull for a close shave. Especially it is so with a commercial range of razors. The best option in this case is to use a platinum-coated razor. Its advantage is in providing a sharper protective surface, which gives a closer shave and in long lasting.


Tip #2. A mirror! Or even two

Essential part of a good shaving is a mirror. You should see the entire surface.

And, as they say, one is good and two are better. Two mirrors will improve your shaving experience, because in this case you can use one mirror to do the shaving and at the same time you can use second mirror placed at an angle to the first mirror. When this occurs you can get better visual field for better shaving your sideburns and side of the face.

Tip #3. Warm washing before shaving

It’s not a secret, warm water open’s up the skin’s pores as well as make the hair strands softer, these two factors altogether provide an easier and smoother shave.

That’s why we suggest you to take a warm shower before the shaving or just rinse your face with the warm water, if you haven’t enough time for taking a shower. Also, if you have a lot of facial hair, for example a beard, it’s recommended to use a cloth soaked in warm water and press it against the beard for a couple of minutes.

These three tips from the best Barber Shop in the New York City can improve your daily shaving ritual and to turn the routine into the art. Just try!