Best tips for curly hair care

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Best tips for curly hair care

There are some typical excuses curly guys said. We will give you some examples:

         Looking after the curls take a lot of time!

         Curls need a lot of expensive products for their care.

         It’s not a men’s activity, I have a testosterone in my veins, not a estrogen and so so on.

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All these excuses are based on the time consuming, complexity, high prices and superfluous femininity, we have heard them all.

But are they completely right? We think not. That’s why the best Barber Shop in the New York City has prepared the best tips for curly hair care special for you. Check them right now!

Tip #1. Cut the shampoo

Cutting the shampoo brings benefits to your hair. You can ask your barber what shampoo frequency will be right for you.

Also, we can suggest you a special “No shampoo method”.  You should simply start by dropping a shampooing day from the weekly schedule (for example, if you have used shampoo daily, you should start from using it 6 times per week instead of 7). It will go on for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks you start use shampoo 5 times per week and hold said frequency for another two weeks. Continue this procedure and you will see your hair looks and feels better.

When you start to see a regress in your hair state it means that you have found out your optimal shampooing frequency and it’s enough to cut the shampoo.

On average, though, a curly male will benefit from shampooing every other day (i.e. one day “on”, one day “off”) all the way to once a week. And remember, if you not shampooing your hair daily, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it at all. You may use, for example, a dry shampoo.

Tip #2. Hair conditioner

The conditioner is one of the most essential products in the curly hair care. Ideally you should use the conditioner at the shower after the shampoo when you have a shampooing day, or, also, you can use a conditioner only.

Tip #3. Styling

One of the specific things of the curly hair styling is that you can style if without any effort, only with the help of your fingers and the wide-toothed comb. Regular comb or moreover the brush lead to the tangles and frizzes.

Remember, curly hair care can be also easy, cheap, convenient and manly. You can follow these simple tips from the best Barber Shop in the New York City and to have perfect locks. Good luck!