Cold winter vs. Long hair: who stands?

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Cold winter vs. Long hair: who stands?

Winter is a time, when you should reconsider your hair care. Cold weather and winds can be killers for the long hair, so check some winter hair care tips from the best Barber Shop in the New York City to keep your locks at their best.

Winter is coming

As you have known cold winds lead to the tangles. Also it can turn your hair into a whip, which cal lead to the split ends. Coldness leads to dryness. That’s why winter is an extra stress for your hair.

But you can protect your hair from these consequences with the help of the simple braid, different types of the men’s buns, updos and covering your head with hoods, scarves and other accessories.

Wind effect

Just like a sun wind can cause a special kind of a burn – windburn. And it can effect not only on your skin, but also on your hair.

Wind can dry your skin, especially, in the cold weather, and in the same way it can dry your hair.

The best way to prevent it – to make a braid and leave it under the coat. It is the most simple and the most efficient way to protect your hair from the wind.

Also, if you have not enough time for braiding your hair, you can just wrap the ends and also hide it under the coat. But be careful, some hair bands can cause split ends.

Let your hair down is also not the best variant of the winter’s hairdo. A blast of wind can turn your hair in any direction. And may be it’s cool when it turns your hair behind you, but it’s not so cool when your hair appears in front of you or even above you.

Also, every woman with long hair can tell you, that your tresses can be caught, for example, into a closing door. And it can cause damage to the structure of your hair. That’s why once again – braid your hair.

Furnaces and hair moisture

It’s common to use the furnace in winter, but you should remember it makes the air dry. Once Dryness affects your skin and hair and removs the vital moisture. Add to this dehydration from the cold and the wind effect, and you will understand how your hair is suffering.  

We suggest you to use a good hair conditioner to keep your locks moisturized, or give your hair a special oil treatment once a week.

You can think you are not outdoors enough the cold weather have effect on you, but, remember, it does not take much time to do harm. It takes time to return your hair into a good state. That’s why follow simple suggestions from the the best Barber Shop in the New York City and take care of your hair.