Fashion haircuts for men


Fashion haircuts for men

Slowly but surely, men’s fashion on styling hair penetrates into our daily life. We start to learn about fashion trends and expert advice on hair care more and more. We give you the latest trends in men’s hairstyles from the best barber shop nyc.


If you have curly hair from nature, we want to please you that the curls are one of the trends of this season. Sooner or later you get tired or straighten your hair and you decide to wear like it is. Especially now that a lot of trendy hairstyles for curly hair. Ask your best barber shop nyc about latest hair styles suitable for your face shape.

The Clooney

These hairstyles are suitable for the age group like George Clooney. For example, we know a lot of men who drive nice cars and wear the most fashionable clothes, but they have a big problems with their hair. We must not forget that hair plays an important role in our image.

Fringe and quiff

These two styles are versatile, and it all depends on your mood when you want to have it up or down. Whether you want long quiff, or up to the middle of the forehead. Now the combed quiffs are very popular. Let’s all look natural. Ideally you need the length to be about 10-12cm and the sides around 1.5-2cm. Of course not everyone stylist can achieve such result, so you have to choose an expert carefully. This hairstyle should require minimal daily styling and look very natural and not as ‘slicked back’ look.

These hairstyles can be casual and formal in style. Our advice is to hesitate less about any kind of experimentation, and combine different hairstyles with different styles of clothing. The result may surprise you!