Five Tips for Summer Hair Care for Men

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Five Tips for Summer Hair Care for Men

When the season changes, you should revise your hair care routine. Summer has already come, so barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan propose you summer hair tips which will help to better the state of your hair during the heat season.

Tip #1 Cut Your Hair

Get a short haircut in the summer will bring you relief. Really. Long hair works as a heater and makes you sweat more than usual. Short hair, in its turn, will provide you with a cooling effect.

Tip #2 Prepare to Swim

Rinse your hair with fresh non-chlorinated water before swimming and after you get out of the pool, and you’ll protect hair from damages. You can also use an old reliable method – wear a swimming cap.

Tip #3 Protect from the Sun

Your hair and scalp need protection from the sun rays. Purchase the styling product with UV filter or use a sunscreen to create a protective layer on your hair and scalp.

Tip #4 Shampoo Daily

In the summer, you spend more time outdoor and sweat more. It’s not surprising that your scalp gets dirty faster! Barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan recommend shampooing and conditioning your mane daily (or more often than usual regimen) to get rid of nasty dirt and greasiness.

Tip #5 Avoid Heat Styling Tools

This tip is useless if you follow our first advice – to cut hair short. If no, try to reduce the influence of the heat on your mane. Instead of blow drying hair, opt for air drying.

These five tips will work well for summertime, so when the fall come, you’ll need to revise your hair care routine again.