Hair Hall of Fame: Daniel Day-Lewis


Hair Hall of Fame: Daniel Day-Lewis

If we could add one more award to Daniel Day-Lewis`s huge pile, we would do it with great pleasure. This man proved he can act like a God, but even off-screen Lewis is good at going against the grain — at least, in the sense that he’s embracing his gray hair while also mastering the art of the receding hairline.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a great owner of gray hair and if some silver has started to spring on your head, you should also be proud of it. Gray hair makes you look smart, like Lincoln or Einstein. But if you think that it is too early for you to become a “silver fox” you can color your hair. There is also such a procedure as color camo. The main principle of it is that your stylist combs a light dye into your hair every 4-6 weeks that only covers about 50% of the gray. It’s still there, but it’ll make much less of an impact.

Most guys with receding hairline prefer to clip everything short so as not to draw attention to their follicular distress. Daniel Day-Lewis, in his turn, is doing something completely opposite to it. He is growing more hair where it is receding, which is not a typical thing to do. It works because Daniel still gets the best of his hair. He is also cutting the sides very short and going right in for a strong, square top. Using such a trick he shifts attention away from the forehead. You can reach the same effect by pumping up your hair.

And here comes the question about styling such a hairstyle. Towel dry your hair and apply small amount of wax or gel on your hair and style hair strands whatever you like. You can use some spray to fix it all and add some shiny effect.

Almost any guy with receding hair can pull Day-Lewis’s look , but be cautious if you’ve got thick, curly hair.

So follow our recommendations and set you grey fox free.