Hair Hall of Fame: Justin Timberlake


Hair Hall of Fame: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s had a lot of ups and downs in his career. Girls love him for “Sexy back” and guys for proving that it is OK to go around with frosted tips.

Justin Timberlake has naturally curly hair and he prevails the questionable procedure of hair straightening into the realm of acceptability.  

It can sound strange, but it is very popular today to wear shined, slicked-back straight hair.  Maybe it happened because Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby influenced much on how guys and men are styling their hair. And if you have coiled, wavy or curly hair, it is not such a bad idea to follow Hollywood trends.

The suave swagger of Timberlake’s new straight hair is evidence enough. But can you imagine sexiest superstar of the world spends hours in the hair salon, straightening his hair? Or at home, blow-drying his hair? But if the end result looks amazing, we can handle it! Timberlake looks good and attractive with his new slick coif. And who even care that he could spent hours and hours in his hair salon to achieve such an  easy hairdo? The game is worth the candle.

Justin either had a relaxer or a keratin treatment. You will ask “What’s the difference?”  Keratin treatment chills frizz by 100%, tames a curl by about half, is more natural, and washes out after about two to four months, whereas a relaxer is a harsh, permanent chemical treatment that yields stick-straight hair.

As you can see, keratin treatment  is much better. Basically your hair already contains keratin. It is a protein that give flexibility and texture to your hair and transforms curls into waves.  So it is completely up to you to decide in what way you should relax your curls in order to look like Justin Timberlake.

Try this stylish and beautiful hairdo, using our article. Of course we can not teach you to sing like Justin, but we can help you look no less attractive and sexy.