Hair thinning: what you can do?

Hair thinning: what you can do?

With time, your hair can start to be less dense, get thinner and break more easily. It’s not only the matter of the time, it’s also the influence of the climate, pollution, nutrition and do on. But not only Mother Nature is guilty in the thinning of your hair. There is a part of your fault too – blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hair colours, heavy styling products etc.

So, what you can do in this case? Sometimes, the only way out is to cut down thin hair and wait for new healthy hair to grow back. But the damage can make a progress and your new hair will be as same as an old one.

#1. Special shampoo

Some shampoos contain special elements, such as silicones, which help your hair to feel soft, to help it retain moisture, and make it easier to comb, brush and manage something with it. Many of these shampoos contain conditioner, so they condition your hair well and repair the damage.

#2. Special conditioners

The hair care industry develops by leaps and bounds. Now you can find on the market better conditioning products that make fragile hair less likely to break or tangle.

The Barber Shop in The New York City presents you some of them:

One of the most productive is silicone technology, which uses such elements as dimethicone and amodimethicone, which improve hair conditioning, smoothing, temporarily repairing split ends, improving the capability of hair to keep colour, and also decreasing hair breakage.

Another revolution in hair care is start of adding skin care ingredients to hair products. There are next ingredients: peptides, collagen, and sunscreens. Now you can find them in hair care products and it is really revolutionary. Many of them penetrate the hair, help magnify its hydration. Peptides guarantee better conditioning and make your hair stronger.

#3. Sun protection

Sun protection is very important and not only in summer. Sunlight and UV-light make your hair dry and week. The effects of the sun influence are similar to the effects of bleaching. As you have read earlier, you can find sun protection products now in many hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays.

#4. Hair loss protection

To protect your hair from hair loss look for minoxidil and finasteride in the contents of hair products. These elements produce hair regrowth. But there are some side effects too – for example, at the sexual side.

Be careful, be healthy and come to the Barber Shop in The New York City! We are always glad to see you.