Hairstyles and haircuts you should never try

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Hairstyles and haircuts you should never try

If you have a clipper at home – you should never try next hairstyles and haircuts.  Leave stupid hairstyles in childhood, when your mother picked up haircuts for you. Be the real man!

Hairstyle #1. “The mouse lover” or “rat tail”

There was a time in childhood when mouse-shaped haircuts were popular. But, let’s speak honestly, they were really awful even when you were a child. Now, when you are an adult, these rat tails looks disgusting. So, try to omit these tails in the future and to save your sons from them too.

Hairstyle #2. The hipster Hitler look

I think you should be really drunk to do this with yourself. No one gets a specific regulation cut with a small mustache, when he is sober. There is only one exception for barmen in gay-clubs.

Hairstyle #3. The monk’s style

It’s a common knowledge that monks shave the tops of their heads. But if you aren’t a monk, are you sure that this kind of haircut is a good idea? Form my point of view shaved top of your head will look at least strange.

Hairstyle #4. The mustache hairstyle

This hairstyle gives the impression you have two pairs of moustache – one under your nose and other on your head. How does it look like? As for me, it looks like a haircut you should never try.

Hairstyle #5. Boner hairstyle

If you have a medium length hair, you can style a boner hairstyle. It’s very easy if you have a lot of styling products. You should only lift your hair up and apply as much hairstyling products, as you have. Of course, it looks not so great, especially, after a couple of hours. And also such hairstyle does harm to your hair.

Hairstyle #6. The circle of life hairstyle

It is very philosophical hairstyle, it symbolize an infinity. I have seen such hairstyle at Buddhist meetings. Of course, you can think you look like lion, when you have a mane, but in most cases it looks strange, not philosophical.

Hairstyle #7. The middle dent hairstyle

It’s a kind of hairstyle when you need to do a kind air strip in the middle of your head. It doesn’t look like baldness, but, however, it looks really strange.

Hairstyle #8. The bad combover

If you have baldness and try to comb a several hairs on the middle of it – it looks really bad. Don’t try to do this hairstyle. Never.

We hope you will learn through errors and never will try these haircuts and hairstyles.

Sincerely yours, the best Barber Shop in the New York City.