How men should take care of hair


How men should take care of hair

Hair is  the most important thing for all people. Many people take care of their hair, but very few really know how to properly care for your hair.

Things to remember about hair care:

  1. The usage of hair dryer leads to split ends. Avoid the hair dryer whenever it is possible.
  1. Your diet affects your hair in a way how healthy it grows.. A healthy, balanced diet will provide you with a shiny hair.
  1. Wash your hair immediately after swimming pool.
  1. To maintain a healthy looking hair, use a small amount of balm and apply it only on the ends.
  1. Remember that cold water is useful for hair. Therefore, after drying, use a gel or hairspray.
  1. Remember that frequent combing you hair leads to breakage and split ends!
  1. For good growth of hair, use apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo.
  1. And remember to wash your hair every day is bad for hair.

Men also need to take care of hair. The more you take care of your hair, the less you have  risk of baldness. Most tips for men have no different from tips for women.

But there are some tips from barber shops in nyc that can be used only by men!

  1. Stick to the popular, modern hairstyles.
  1. If you have thin hair, do not buy a wig. You should just get a shorter haircut. In such cases, some men prefer to be bald-headed.
  1. Men should cut hair more often than women. It is good for the hair density.
  1.  Whiskers should be combined with your basic haircut.
  1. Do not be afraid to color your hair. Coloring hair gives shine and hair look thicker.

So, follow these simple tips and your hair will look fabuluos!