How to fight with the baldness?


How to fight with the baldness?

Balding is not a verdict. According to “Statistic Brain Research Institute” there are 40% of men, who have noticeable hair loss at the age of 35! At the 60 years this index is 65%, at the age of 80 its 70% and at the age of 85% this number is 80%.

What does it mean? It means you are not the only one. That’s why there are different methods in the fight with the baldness. Check the list of them from the best Barber shop in the New York City

in this article!

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There are 3 possible strategies what to do with the baldness: to prevent it, to fight it and to embrace it. We will consider each of them.

#1 Possible Strategy. Prevention the baldness

The first thing, you should understand for yourself, is that dandruff is your first enemy at any age and you should fight dandruff to prevent baldness.

Dermatologists assert, your nature tries to fight these snow-flakes on your head, that’s why the hair loss can be speeded up. If you don’t want – fight the dandruff. Try to change for about 3 anti-dandruff shampoos during this fight for the sake of good order. In this case you will sure your scalp doesn’t built up a tolerance to the shampoo.

For example, you can use Dove Men+ Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo, Denorex Therapeutic Protection.

Also, you should remember, you hair and scalp are parts of your organism, that’s why a rich nutrition and vitamins (such as vitamins A, C, D, omega fatty acids) will be very useful in these precautionary measures.

#2 Possible Strategy. Fight the baldness

There are not so many meds, which cure the hair loss. We suggest you to start from rogaine. Rogaine is a natural topical treatment, which have a few of side effects. At the same time another cure, Propecia, is a testosterone product, which can lead to depression, ED, and reduced libido in some cases.

That’s why we recommend you use rogaine. But remember, you should apply it very carefully on your scalp two times per day.

#3 Possible Strategy. Embrace it

You can get a buzzed haircut, which will make the visual impact of balding less. On the other hand, you can shave your head with the help of the razor. It is also a nice way out.

Remember, the baldness is not a verdict: you can prevent it, you can fight it you can embrace it. Everything is in your hands.