How to get Jon Snow’s Amazing Hair


How to get Jon Snow’s Amazing Hair

Even dragons and ice zombies in Game of thrones can`t compete with Jon Snow`s hairstyle. His long and curly hair look amazing in every scene. What is the secret? He looks like a rock star from seventies and a sex god of 21 century at the same time.  For the benefit of curly-haired men everywhere we will tell  how you can get this cool, spunky curls.

Step#1 Get a proper haircut.

It is number one advice for all men. Visit your barbershop and get a proper haircut. You will see the difference! Ask your barber for baseline cut to the shoulder with some long layers. Don’t make top too short. It should have enough weight to “calm” your hair. In other case you will look like a poodle.

Step#2 Unleash the Curls

To unleash your curls spray it a little bit with the water. After it, mix together wax and mousse. Start from the nape of the neck and apply it in your hair. You can massage your head for better effect. Put your hair on sections and work only with curls.  Don’t drag your hand through the front of your hair or it will ruin the whole hairdo.

Step#3  Wax on

Be careful with all these styling products. Don`t put much at once, you can always add more. Especially it concerns a gel.  A lot of people make mistakes and overdo with it. However it is the best product for hair texturing.  

Step#4 Keep It Trim

If you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, without split ends, trim it every five to eight weeks. But don’t overreach with it, remember: you are not a poodle. Keep heaviness on top layers.

Step#5 Do the Twist

To crown it all shake your hair a little bit. It will break up any clumps. You can also add some wax to the root in the front, it will add some kick to your image.  

Now you know one more Game of Throne’s secret, so use our tips and look like superstar.