How to shave like a God? Tips from the best Barber Shop in the NYC


How to shave like a God? Tips from the best Barber Shop in the NYC

Shaving is a procedure, which every man one time faces with. It’s very important to begin shaving in a right manner, or, at least, to correct it after checking this article.

The best Barber Shop in the New York City has prepared some suggestions for you how to optimize your shaving and start to shave like a God.

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Tip #1. Adaptation

If you want to shave in the morning before the work, we strongly recommend you not to do it just after the sleep. Give your skin a chance to accustom.

It means you should wake up a little bit earlier, but believe us, that’s worth the effort. In the other case your skin will be puffy and it can cause more nicks and cuts.

Tip #2. Warm preparing

You should prepare your skin for shaving. We suggest you the easiest method – wash you face in the warm water (taking a warm shower will be even better) or you can just wrap your face in the warm wet towel for several minutes.

Tip #3. Shave products applying

Remember one simple rule, which can make your shave much more easier, apply shaving cream or gel with circle moves.

Tip #4. Good lathering

You shouldn’t spin out your money on the beneficial things, such as a good shaving brush. Good lathering is the half way to the perfect shaving.

Tip #5. Don’t push!

Pushing is one of the biggest mistakes of shaving. Remember, if you push, you won’t get a closer shave, you will get a huge amount of cuts and nicks.

Tip #6. Cherish your blades

You should keep your blades like nunnery keep dignity. The state of the blade is as important as a quality. A dull blade can lead to irritation and rash.

Tip #7. Aftershave

Remember, that aftershave is very important, but you should choose it very carefully. The aftershave, which contains alcohol, can do even worse.

These 7 tips are very important if you want to get shave like a God. Follow them and don’t forget about other common tips, which were not mentioned, but which are also important, such as moisturizing the skin, evening pre-shave procedures or recommendations about what products you should choose for perfect shaving.