Men’s hairstyle trends for 2015


Men’s hairstyle trends for 2015

Men’s haircut trends are not so changeable as clothing trends. Therefore, we give examples of the most fashionable hairstyles 2015 from best barber shop new york, which requires quite a bit of time in the daily care.


The most fashionable style in this season is experimented texture of hair, to create a kind of rebellious man. To do this, you need to keep your hair clean, use a conditioner and hair mask. In turn, your hair will feel more obedient. And as a result, the time you spend on styling will reduce. To create a textured style use hair gel. It will hold the hair in control and in the same time won’t make it greasy. The key is to style your hair with the fingers. Don’t style your hair with a hair dryer, it will only add volume to your hair.

One of the most popular men’s hairstyles in this year is very short haircut with long strands on top. Of course, you’ll need a bit of time and skill to make style this haircut. But all you will need for it is a hair gel. With these simple tools you can make the “artistic mess” on the hair. It is  when it is combed back or elegantly laid on one side. All you need is a couple of minutes.

Parting of hair

Parting of hair on the side is also very popular in this year. So if you have short hair, divided in the middle, part it to one side and secure it by stacking gel. This hairstyle looks very elegant and stylish.

Correction of the face

Modern hairstyles for men is so diverse that you can currently find a suitable type for any face and the structure of hair, for every taste and for every style.

The most important thing is to choose the hairstyle that will be really suitable for your face shape. Factors such as high or low forehead, play an important role when you choose a hairstyle.

Not everyone can boast with proportional shape of the face, and properly chosen hairstyle can, for example, help hide a large forehead. In this case, you will need a more elongated haircuts and avoid short ones.