Popular haircut for men


Popular haircut for men

“The Disconnected Undercut” sports is a haircut when the hair is shaved on the sides, while leaving it in the fuller top. This hairstyle is very popular among men of different ages and different social groups. We can say that this haircut is a hit in 2015.

This hairstyle provides additional volume on the top, slightly lengthens the face, so it is recommended to men with a round face.

The undercut

This hairstyle is suitable for almost everyone, beginning with the gentlemen and ending with the young boy.This creative and rich hairstyle become the most fashionable this summer in New York. It collects its popularity because it is quite easy in styling. Just a few easy steps, and you are ready to go to the party and drink cocktails. Moreover, it is very similar to the hairstyle of 60s, and it has a  romantic idea of a late 19th century military officer.

It may seem that Undercut hairstyle is for men who wear beard.. It is not true! No one forbids you to get a stylish haircut and beard got nothing to do with it. These two trends just coincided and develop in parallel, so if you don’t want to have a beard, you can safely hold long hair.

The top knot

Another popular hairstyle in this summer is The Top Knot. It is very popular among the 30-40 years crowd. Its styling is easy, you have just to comb your long hair on top, and knot them in a high bun. As a result, you’ll look like a Japanese sensei. This hairstyle was very popular in Japan during the Edo Period (1603 to 1868).

You can do one of this haircuts in next level barber shop.