How to rock a Beard Part 1


How to rock a Beard Part 1

It’s not surprising that beard has become one of the most popular trends for men in recent years. A beard has a unique ability to completely change aesthetic. There are so many variations of beard styles that every man can find something outstanding especially for him. Today, at men’s barbershop NYC we want to talk about the ways of rocking different men’s beard styles.

Beard Styles

Remember, no matter what is in trend now, the first thing you should consider while choosing a beard style is your own unique face shape. If you are in doubt what is more appropriate, we offer two ways of solving this problem. The first one is to pay a visit to men’s barbershop NYC and get a free consultation. The second one is to think about features of your face you want to enhance and work from there.

The Classic Beard

Classics are always in trend, but unfortunately, the Classic Beard doesn’t suit everyone. If not too long, not too short with thick coverage is your variant, we recommend to complement it with a youthful haircut (for example a voluminous pompadour). Such a combination will allow you to interpret the classic style in a modern way.

The Fuller Beard

A Fuller Beard can work well on condition that it is done right. If you want to grow a long beard, prepare to be patient as it is a gradual process. We are sure you don’t want to look like Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’, so don’t forget about appropriate grooming. It is better to opt for more modern, youthful haircuts to prevent an aged aesthetic.

The Bushy Beard

The Bushy Beard is ideal for enhancing face shape. If you decide to exaggerate your jaw line, a bushier beard is your perfect choice. Like any other long beard, it should be paired with an appropriately styled haircut.

Now, you know three basic types of beard, read our next blog to find out more about beard styling.