How to rock a Beard Part 2


How to rock a Beard Part 2

We have already spoken about three types of beard styles: the Classic Beard, the Fuller Beard, and the Bushy Beard. This time, at next level barber shop we want to tell you about the winning combinations of beard and hair combos. Get ready, we start.

The main thing you should consider is that you need to be strategic in choosing the hairstyle. The proposed list of Beard & Hairstyles should serve you as an inspiration for the further creation of your own look.

The Shaved Head & Longer Beards

If you decide to shave your head, you should consider an idea of growing a beard. It will add dimension to your mug and will give you more possibilities of differing your looks. Firstly, you should recognize what is more suitable for your face shape and whether a beard complements your shaved head or not.

Short Hair & Beard

If you have short hair, you need to be sure that your beard is proportionate to your hair length. The stubble is a universal beard style, as it complements almost all short hairstyles and gives a balanced look. However, it gets a much more tricky when you decide to grow your beard longer. The only way to determine whether longer beard suits your haircut or not is to grow it longer.

Medium Hair & Beard

Medium hair is the failsafe variant for experiments with different beard lengths. If you want to boost the effect of medium length hair alongside a beard, you can opt for trendy haircuts.

Long Hair & Beard

When it comes to beards, length shouldn’t be feared. Longer haircuts are well-known for its versatile and ability to be combined with shorter, medium, and longer facial hair. One thing you should remember when choosing this combination is a perfect grooming routine. We are sure you don’t want to look careless.

Now, you know three most winning combinations of beard and hair. Maybe, it’ high time to change your style?