Should you shave your legs and how to do it?


Should you shave your legs and how to do it?

It’s not a secret that the number of guys, who shave their legs, grows. Take a closer look to the guys in the gym, how many of them have shaved legs? More than one? Is it a new trend? Should you shave your legs? The answers on these and other questions in this article from the best Barber shop in the New York City.

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There are some categories of men, who shave their legs for obvious reasons (for example, bikers and swimmers), but what about others?

One of the polls, which was made by the “Men’s Health” magazine, tells that more than 50% of men think shaving legs is a weird activity for men. At the same time more than 33% of men answer they don’t shave their legs, but they can use a trimmer. And more than 15% of men shave their legs frequently.

It means, that almost half of surveyed men do something with their leg hair.

At the same, the poll by the “Women’s Health” gives next results: 49% of women think it’s weird, around 29% want their men to trim their legs and more than 22% think shaved men’s legs are awesome.

It means, results are half and half.

Why men do this?

There are different reasons, but the most spread is aesthetic. Nobody likes deep bushes on his legs, especially, if he goes to the gym. In fitness world shaving legs is a normal procedure.

How do they do it?

There are a lot of salons, which work not only for women now. The procedure of full waxing will cost in the average from 60 to 100 and more dollars.

On the other hand you can always just shave your legs at home with razor and gel or cream, it depends only on you.

How will it look like?

Your skin will be shiny after the shaving, especially, if you will use body oil. Using oil is very beneficial, because it locks the moisture. Shiny look of your legs may seem strange at the first sight, but then you will get accustomed to it.

In the modern world shaved legs aren’t strange. You understand it if you are a swimmer, for example. And if you want to shave the legs – you will find methods how to do it: at the salon or at home, it doesn’t matter. But we strongly recommend you to think twice before doing this. And anyway do this, if you are going to the tattoo salon (and not only there).