Top haircuts in 2016 by Next Level Barber Shop


Top haircuts in 2016 by Next Level Barber Shop

Haircut is the essential part of men’s style. So, if you want to be in trend in 2016, this article is for you, because only in our blog you can find information about haircuts, which will be popular  this year.

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#1. The Relaxed Quiff

The Relaxed Quiff is a perfect option for guys with curly and wavy hair, especially if your hair is thick. This classical haircut will be in trend in 2016. Also, big advantage of this haircut is in its easy-styling and carrying. You can just apply a leave-in conditioner for controlling volume and defining natural hair waves.

#2. Undercut

It seems this haircut will be always in trend. The advantage of this haircut is that it can be styled and cut in many different ways. If you have decided to do this haircut, you should remember that hair on the sides and on the back must be cutted, while the top should be gelled and brushed to the back. This haircut is very popular among celebrities.

#3. The Slick Back

This haircut is a perfect option for those of you, who love experiments. There are two possible variants of this haircut. First is a classical one, when you leave some length on the sides, and the second, so-called hipster variant, which is with an abrupt undercut.

#4. The Buzz Cut

One more classical haircut in the top list by the Next Level Barber Shop is the Buzz Cut. It is more suitable variant for those of you, who have square head and strong chin. If you want to get something new in this year, you can ask your barber to play with the hair length.

If you chose this haircut, you will be pleasantly surprised, because you have no need to style it. So, if you believe that “time is money”, this option is for you.

#5. The Fringe

If there is not much hair on your head, you can try the fringe haircut. You will have short sides and little length on top. That’s why this haircut is a very good choice for men who want to create an illusion of the longer face.

The Next Level Barber Shop hopes you have picked up something from this list and you will have an amazing fashionable haircut in 2016.