Hair Care 101: Common Mistakes to Avoid

In one of the fashion capitals of the world, every detail matters. People naturally make judgments based on appearance, but it’s even more heightened here. Even in non-fashion situations, like the boardroom, appearance matters. And the thing that takes precedence over everything else is personal grooming. You can get away with a lot in the name of personal style, but neglecting the details – particularly your hair – will always leave a lasting bad impression. That’s where your favorite barber in NYC comes in.

Not only does your barber help you maintain a fresh and flattering hairstyle, but they can also help you keep your hair looking healthy. Hair care for men is sometimes laughed at, but it doesn’t have to be fussy, pretentious, and time-consuming. It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to avoid split ends and frizz, but the impact should not be underestimated. 

Need a little help taming your mane? That’s where we come in.

Clean Is Clean – Or Is It?

As it turns out, washing your hair can be a minefield of unexpected damage. You could be weakening and damaging your hair without realizing it. The good news is there’s no need to sound the alarm or call in the bomb squad. With a few easy adjustments to your morning or evening routine, you’ll be making your NYC barber proud.

The issue here is either under-washing or over-washing. You need to find the right balance for your scalp. Overwashing your hair strips it, and your scalp, of the essential oils that keep your hair healthy and smooth. Scrubbing your scalp too hard can also lead to a lot of breakage, as wet hair is especially vulnerable. A gentle massage is all the pressure you need. If you’re washing your hair daily, try cutting it down to once every two days and see how it feels and looks after a couple of weeks. You might even be able to cut it down more.

Be careful not to under-wash your hair, though. Your hair needs to be washed for a reason. Over time, the natural oils and the daily dirt and pollution build up on your scalp, which can clog your pores, causing slower hair growth, ingrown hairs, itching, and dandruff, not to mention making your hair look lank and greasy. Sometimes, using a dry shampoo between washes is all it takes to find the right balance.

Turn Up The Heat On Styling

Hair care for men has only recently come to the fore, buoyed by the rise of the “metrosexual” in the 2000s and the hipster in the 2010s. Many men put a lot of effort into their hair, but some of the important hair care education has lagged, resulting in some unintended consequences.

There are few smells worse than burning hair. Styling your hair with heat, as in a hair straightener, is a great way to achieve a crisp look that lasts all day. However, without proper care, you can easily singe your hair, even causing long-term damage. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your hair so you don’t have to give up your signature look.

Any good barber in NYC can advise you on heat protectors and other hair care products that will prevent you from looking a little too toasty. If you use heat on your hair every day, try to give it a break for at least one day a week. In general, the less frequently you heat your hair, the happier it will be.

Maintenance & Minimalism: Good Hair Made Easy

One of the best things you can do for healthy hair is keep up a regular schedule of visits to your local barber. While your style may only need to be maintained once every few months, going in for a quick trim every four to six weeks will keep things in check. Much like with the dentist, if you get into a regular routine, it makes every appointment that much smoother and quicker. There are even psychological benefits – getting a haircut helps us feel good about ourselves and boosts our confidence.

When it comes to hair products, less is usually more. Don’t get overwhelmed and buy one of everything. Rather, speak to your trusted NYC barber and pick out a few targeted products that will fit your needs without taking up all your shelf space (and your cash). If your hair is frizzy, it usually needs a bit more moisture. If it’s flat, a little mousse might do the trick. Too much product can be bad for your hair as well as the efficiency of your morning routine – as mentioned above, when product builds up in your hair, it can cause all kinds of problems.

Rock Healthy Hair With Soho NYC Barbers

Most hair issues can be avoided with regular appointments at a good men’s barber in NYC. Not only will your hair be kept trim and healthy, but your barber can spot any issues before they become problems and help you solve them. Our barbers are experts in their field and can advise you on everything from washing techniques to the right products for you. Combined with following the tips above, it’s a recipe for hair success. Maintaining healthy-looking hair shouldn’t be a huge time commitment or a daily slog. We’ve designed our services to fit easily into your busy schedule. You can make an appointment anytime – our team is ready to take care of your hair. Let’s help cut through all the marketing and trending noise so you can focus on what works and get on with your life – looking and feeling good.