• Men’s Haircut$40(Men's Hair Cut with buzzer and/or siccors, included neck shave)
  • Buzz Cut $35(A simple buzz, using only one clipper guard length)
  • All Beard Trims $20(Trim the facial hair with the machine and a hot towel)
  • Hot Towel Shave $35(Straight razor shave with a hot-towel)
  • Shape Up.Hair line clean up $20 (Includes trim on side burns, around the ears and neck. Includes neck shave with the straight-edged razor.)
  • Haircut & Shave $65
  • Haircut & Beard Trim $60
  • Haircut & Wash $47

Welcome to our website. For people who are interested in locating a barbershop that provides great grooming services in Soho NYC, we believe that our barbershop is an excellent place for people of all ages and grooming preferences. Our barbershop offers a variety of grooming services such as haircuts, shaves, tapes, and trims along with other grooming services to meet the needs of our clients.

Moreover, our New York barbershop has a collection of barbers who are very experienced and understand all aspects of hair care and the hair industry. With the experience that our barbers have in addition to the knowledge and skill that they possess, the barbers are able to provide top-notch grooming services that meet the needs of our barbershop’s diverse and vast clientele.

Our barbers realize that providing quality grooming services is necessary, but other important attributes are needed to satisfy our clients and visitors such as great customer service, providing a friendly barbershop environment, and establishing an awesome community atmosphere.

Our NYC barbershop provides many grooming services, but one of the most popular services is the haircuts. With the group of talented barbers at our barbershop, we are able to offer a variety of haircuts including traditional, modern, and trendy styles. In addition, our barbers stay on top of all the latest and most popular hairstyles, so our barbers are able to provide any desired haircut while still being able to offer the most traditional haircuts.

Even though haircuts is one of our most popular services in New York City, we have a talented group of barbers who are able to provide other grooming services with the same level of commitment and expertise. From the barbershop shave to a basic tape and beyond, our barbers listen to the specific needs of each client to provide the best service possible in Soho.

One of the main reasons why our barbershop has been able to continue to offer grooming services is the word of mouth referrals that our customers provide on a daily basis. It means a great deal to us when people visit the shop and tell us that a friend, coworker, church member, or other association type referred them. Everyone at our New York barbershop works hard to make each visit the best experience possible.

We invite everyone looking for quality grooming services to visit our barbershop today.