New York is known as one of the world’s fashion capitals, and that’s no less true than when it comes to hair trends. It’s a city bursting with innovative energy, using its multicultural influences to create new looks and styles that resonate around the world. New York is a cultural hub, the place where people come to make it big. As the old song says, if you can make it here, you really can make it anywhere.

Every NYC barbershop worth its salt knows how to balance the tradition and art of barbering skills with staying on top of the latest trends. The city is home to some of the world’s best hair stylists, and the latest trends are evident everywhere, from the catwalks to the sidewalks. While the classic cuts will never go out of style, it’s important to be able to deliver modern looks, too. A great barber can advise fashion-forward customers on the upcoming trends to help them stay ahead of the curve and looking good.

Hair Color & Styling Trends

New Yorkers are known for their individuality, so it’s no surprise that you can spot a wide variety of styles on the city streets. Whether you’re in Harlem, the Upper West Side, or the Financial District, you’ll see hairstyles that span the gamut from classic to outrageous.

When it comes to hair, color is just as important as cut. Finding the right color can help you stand out from the crowd, flatter your skin tone and features, and show some personality at a glance. A cut may take a while to grow out, but color is endlessly flexible, which makes it a great way to experiment. Some barbershops in NYC stick to cuts and shaves, so make sure you check out the services offered before you make an appointment. 

For men, color trends take natural hair colors and give them a little extra oomph. The reddish brown of burgundy hair is not usually found naturally, giving your look a subtle edge. The richness of the color can work well with paler skin tones as well as those who are a little more tanned. If you want something a little bolder, frosted tips have had a significant glow-up and are back on trend. 

On the other end of the spectrum, bright and bold colors are right on trend. Blue, in particular, is having a moment right now. A darker shade can be more subtle, while a lighter shade adds youthful playfulness to any look. For those with darker skin, the sharp contrast of bleached white-blond hair can make an impactful statement. 

Embracing Natural Hair Colors

More men are embracing the opportunity to change their look through color, and natural shades are an evergreen choice. Cuts and styles might change, but natural hair colors will always be in style. In fact, if you’ve ever wanted to try the ginger look, there’s probably never been a better time to do it. It’s awesome to see those brassy red or orange tones being embraced and getting the admiration they deserve. 

Choosing a natural color for your new look has some other benefits. It helps that you can make a big impact without having to worry about what your boss might think. Depending on how close you stick to your natural tones, natural colors can be much easier to maintain than a drastic shift. The barbers at your favorite barbershop in NYC will be able to advise you on which shades will compliment your skin tone and eye color. You may never go back to your natural roots!

Hair Health & Maintenance

If it’s your first time considering coloring your hair, there are a few things you need to know ahead of time. In addition to your regular hair maintenance, there are some extra things you can do to keep your hair looking and feeling good.

In general, it’s a good idea to protect your hair as much as possible from New York’s air pollution. Whenever possible, cover your hair when you’re walking outside. Make sure you wash your hair regularly and speak to your barber about whether you might occasionally need a clarifying shampoo. As we approach winter, heating is about to be turned up in buildings across the city. This can be very drying, so don’t forget to give your hair a little extra love in the cold months. 

Next, make sure you are eating a healthy diet to support your hair from the inside out. Finally, any men’s barber in NYC can recommend products like hair serums for extra protection and care. Even something as simple as going for regular trims and maintenance can make a big impact. There are also lots of innovative hair care products and techniques that you can use to keep your hair healthy.

Premium Barbershop Services in NYC

When you’re looking for the best barbershop for you, take some time to check out any special services that your local barbershops might offer. After all, when you find a good barber shop in NYC, you’ll be going there for more than your color upkeep. Many premium barbershops offer services like hot-towel straight razor shaves, facials, and other treatments. There is also a trend towards offering eco-friendly and sustainable hair products.

At Soho NYC Barbers, our team of experienced barbers offers top-quality grooming services, from cuts to colors. We stay on top of all the latest trends and styles so we can advise you and deliver on your ideal look. Whether you want to make a drastic change or just give your current look an update and a touch of extra style, make an appointment with us today.