Sharp, Smooth & Sophisticated: 3 Reasons to Choose Straight Razor Shaving

Welcome to the art of straight razor shaving. It’s a technique you can do yourself, but it has a bit of a knack to it, so it’s usually best left to the pros. In fact, that’s the ideal way to experience it. If you’ve never had a classic hot towel shave before, call your barber and make an appointment right now. Why? Let’s get into it.

#1 Precision, Quality, Care

The verdict is in: using a straight razor shave is better for your skin. Not only do you get fewer ingrown hairs with a classic shave, but applying your lather with a shaving brush helps exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt. A barber’s straight razor is also cleaner than your cartridge or electric razors, reducing infections and razor burn.

#2 Sharp Skills, Sharper Shaves

When your barber picks up the straight razor, you know you’re in for an elite shaving experience. Unlike the at-home DIY options, getting a shave at your favorite Nolita barbershop means getting the best equipment and products, as well as a perfectly sharpened razor. Your barber has the expertise to use it properly, too, with smooth strokes and just the right amount of pressure. This helps prevent skin irritation and cuts.

#3 The Ultimate Grooming Indulgence

Standing over your sink and trying not to let your eyes glaze over can’t compare with the experience of a professional straight razor shave. The classic hot towel isn’t just there to open your pores, soften your facial hair, and clean your skin – it also turns your shave into some stress-free me-time. Your barber will ensure the towel is just hot enough to be pleasant on your skin, helping your facial muscles relax.

Step Back In Time With Soho NYC Barbers

Using a classic straight-edge razor to shave will take your grooming game to new levels. On just about every front, a traditional barber shave wins out over all the rest.

If this has piqued your interest in straight razor shaving, step back in time with Soho NYC Barbers. Our team of talented barbers has the expertise and flair to make a classic hot towel straight-razor shave an authentic, relaxing experience. Make an appointment for your hot towel shave now – you won’t regret it!