2024’s Best Trend for Beard Styles That Combine Looks & Functionality

Beard trends are constantly changing, making it difficult to keep up with them. It’s also frustrating when all the trendy beard styles seem to need an endless amount of maintenance. Thankfully, we have put together a guide on the best beard styles for men that combine both looks and functionality because it doesn’t need to be difficult to keep your beard looking stylish.

Short Beards

Longer beards aren’t always the best idea. It’s important to consider your face shape when deciding on a beard, and for those with slimmer faces, a shorter beard might suit you better. Shorter beards also require less maintenance, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. Here are a couple of short beard styles trending in 2024.

Scruffy Beard

The scruffy beard offers an effortlessly assured appearance. It falls somewhere between a full beard and light stubble. It takes relatively less time in front of the mirror to maintain and looks organic and informal. It’s one of the simplest beard styles to keep up, requiring only a quick trim every few days. Anyone who can grow a constant all-over beard will find that the scruffy beard is rather low-maintenance.

Stubble Beard

It is important to note that a stubble beard style doesn’t happen overnight. Most men will take up to five days to achieve this look. And when maintained properly, that little stubble can convey a lot about you. The shadow at five o’clock is illusive and difficult to grasp. It’s a vicious cycle where you have a little moment of flawless stubble before it grows too long, and you start to look scruffy.

Long Beards

Once your beard has grown to six inches, you officially have what they consider a long beard. Most long beard styles take more than a year to grow. It is good to note that there are long beards that can be low maintenance. However, you will definitely need to put in more effort than with a short beard and will need to start using beard products.

Classic Full Beard

You need facial hair to cover your sideburns, chin, cheeks, and mustache in order to have a full-face beard, which covers the entire area where facial hair can develop. Because you only need to use basic beard treatments and don’t need to trim your beard too precisely, maintaining this beard style is quite easy. This beard can be tailored to fit any face shape thanks to its extremely flexible shape and length.

The Corporate Beard

Straight or sharply cut cheeklines and necklines that are cropped closer to the jawline’s natural edge than other designs are characteristics of this style. Because the beard is uniform in length throughout, it has a crisp, tidy appearance. For any man who desires a full-face beard but dislikes the bulk or gruff appearance of the traditional full beard, a corporate beard is a great option.

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