396 Broome St New York, NY 10013$$All Men’s Haircut, Grooming, Shave. We will go all out to make You look and feel fabulous.
SohoNYCbarbersSeptember 14, 2014
5/ 5stars
Great location, chill environment and clean quick haircut.
SohoNYCbarbersNovember 28, 2013
5/ 5stars
Nice barber shop, affordable prices, they take there time. Tv's on each station watching nice entertainment.
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MEN`S HAIRCUT in sohonycbarbers

MEN`S HAIRCUTBy Photographed in New York, NY Date uploaded:Jan 01, 2014 MEN`S HAIRCUT

MEN`S GROOMING in sohonycbarbers

MEN`S GROOMINGBy Photographed in New York, NY Date uploaded:Jan 01, 2014 MEN`S GROOMING

MEN`S SHAVE in sohonycbarbers

MEN`S SHAVEBy Photographed in New York, NY Date uploaded:Jan 01, 2014 MEN`S SHAVE

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We’ll go all out to make you look and feel fabulous.

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Men’s haircut

All Men’s Haircut$22
Buzz Cut
A simple buzz, using only one clipper guard length
All Beard Trims$12
Shape Up
Hair line lean up
Hot Towel Shave
Razor shave with 2 hot towels
Head Shave
With two hot towels
Old Fashioned Royal Shave
Razor shave with 3 hot towel, mini facial with
a peel off mask and an ultimate facial massage
Shampoo Wash$8
Kids Cut$20

Men`s Grooming

At Next Level Barber Shop, we believe in providing the best in men’s grooming and hairstyle services in Soho NYC. To this end, we offer a wide variety of grooming and hairstyle services for the men who visit our barbershop, which includes haircuts, tapes, trims, coloring, shaves, shampoos, and other services. The stylists at our barbershop are talented and skilled professional who understand the hair industry in New York City.

Men`s Haircut

For men, one of the most important aspects to their overall appearance is a fresh great looking haircut in Soho. Our stylists are some of the best in the hair industry in Manhattan, and they understand all aspects of hair care and keep up-to-date on all the latest hair trends and styles. From the New York traditional to the latest trendy haircut, our stylists can provide the desired haircut in the exact manner requested in New York.

Men`s Shave

At Soho NYC Barbers, we embrace the traditions of the original barbershop in Manhattan. This is why our men’s shaves are provided in the same manner as a century ago. We use the same traditional shaving instruments and accessories that wereused many years ago along with the same traditional shaving techniques such as the hot towel treatment. This combination gives our New York clients more than just a shave; it provides a barbershop shave experience.